LRN Dips to Another Network

In order to be able to point to a network for LRN dips, you must navigate to the OSPrey_HOME directory and edit 2 files, and then restart OSPrey.

  • Go to $OSPrey_HOME
   [ospadmin@clifford ~]$ cd $OSPrey_HOME
   [ospadmin@clifford ospnexus]$ pwd
   [ospadmin@clifford ospnexus]$
  • Edit the file. Change the original SERVER_PUBLIC_IP_ADDRESS line to include the IP address of the LRN OSPrey system.
   [ospadmin@clifford ospnexus]$ vi
  • Edit the file. Change OSP_NPD_IsEnable=false to true. Include the IP address of the OSPrey(s) in the OSP_NPD_SPx_URI= line(s).
   [ospadmin@clifford ospnexus]$ vi
   # By default OSPrey will not attempt to send OSP NPD Request
   # To enable the module, set the 'IsEnabled' flag to true and
   # configure at least the first (SP1) service point.
   #export OSP_NPD_IsEnabled=false
   export OSP_NPD_IsEnabled=true
   export OSP_NPD_SP1_URI=
   export OSP_NPD_SP2_URI=
   export OSP_NPD_ResponseTimeOutInMS=500
  • Restart OSPrey.
   [ospadmin@clifford ospnexus]$ ./
   [ospadmin@clifford ospnexus]$ ./