Not Receiving CDRs over SFTP


I have my SBC (i.e. Acme/Broadworks/Taqua/Sonus/Cisco Call Manager) configured to transfer files to CDRConverter using SFTP protocol, but I never see any records reach the designated folder that I defined in the remote-path.


For Acme SBC, make certain that you have generated the public-key on the CDRConverter Linux system according to the “Preparations” section in the following link.

Acme CDR Push SFTP Guide

If you have already done so, but did not generate the public-key as user ospadmin, then SFTP will fail between the SBC and the CDRConverter.

If you see user root in your public key instead of user root, then you must regenerate the key on Linux as user ospadmin and delete the key that you imported into the SBC.

acmesystem2# show security ssh-pub-key detail
    "1024-bit DSA, converted from OpenSSH by"

Use the following commands below at the SBC to remove the bad public-key from the SBC.

acmesystem# ssh-pub-key delete
SSH public key deleted successfully....
WARNING: Configuration changed, run "save-config" command to save it
and run "activate-config" to activate the changes
acmesystem# save-config
checking configuration
Save-Config received, processing.
waiting for request to finish
Request to 'SAVE-CONFIG' has Finished,
Save complete
Currently active and saved configurations do not match!
To sync & activate, run 'activate-config' or 'reboot activate'.
acmesystem# activate-config
Object deleted will cause service disruption:
public-key []
Changes could affect service, continue (y/n) y
Activate-Config received, processing.
waiting for request to finish
Request to 'ACTIVATE-CONFIG' has Finished,
Activate Complete

After that you can regenerate the key as user ospadmin and re-import the key into the SBC according to the link above.