Update for Changing Account Name

When changing the name of an account, you will lose the rate plans associated with the account after rate-export runs, therefore taking the provider out of the least cost routing table. You should re-provision the same rate plan, but change line number two in the rate plan header (Account Name) to the new name, and then change the account name in the GUI.

  1. Before starting, temporarily turn off automatic configuration replication. Navigate to run directory using CLI.
   $ cd $NexOSS_HOME/unix/run
  1. Edit run_NexOSS.sh and add temporary comment (#) to the line displayed below.
   $ vi run_NexOSS.sh
   #nohup ./run_configuration_replication.sh &
  1. Stop configuration replication.
   $ ./stop_configuration_replication.sh
  1. Re-provision rate deck but with new Account Name.

    • Change Account Name in NexOSS user interface.

    • Confirm rates for new account name in “Route Provisioning/Routes/Rates”.

    • Confirm routes to provider account in “Route Provisioning/Products/Full View”

    • Edit run_NexOSS.sh to re-enable automatic configuration replication by removing the temporary comment.

   $ cd $NexOSS_HOME/unix/run
   $ vi run_NexOSS.sh
   nohup ./run_configuration_replication.sh &
  1. Manually start automatic configuration replication.
   $ nohup ./run_configuration_replication.sh &