Unable to Open Rate Provisioning Tool


Unable to open NexOSS Rate Provisioning Tool.


Your Windows 10 operating system security features may block the opening of the Rate Provisioning Tool if NexOSS is not a secured site. When this occurs, you will see an error message.


The solution for this problem is to add the NexOSS IP address and port to the list of safe websites in Java. The following instructions show how to do this for Windows 10.

  1. Close your browser and any applications using Java.

  2. Right click on on the Windows Icon.

  3. Select “Control Panel.”

  4. Select “Java” to open the Java Control Panel.

  5. Select the “Security” tab in the Java Control Panel.

  6. Click on the “Edit Site List” button.

  7. Enter the new IP address and port number in the “Exception Site List” and click “Add” and then “OK.”

  8. Go the “General” tab in the Java Control Panel and click on the “Settings” button to clear the Java cache.

  9. Click “Delete Files” to delete temporary Java files.