Data Constraint Violated


Rate plan provision error.

Log message:

Error: Data Constraint Violated in: RatePlanDataInfo @ (United States / / 120 / ## / / / / USD / 6 / 6/60.0 / 0.339 / C / 0003 / line number: 11) / ORA-08004: sequence RATEPLANDATAIDSEQ.NEXTVAL exceeds MAXVALUE and cannot be instantiated


This is a database error. It is not specific to the file you are trying to provision. The sequence has an upper limit of 99M. You may need to increase the range of the RatePlanDataId field and the sequence.

  • How many rows are in the RatePlanData table? A select count on that table returns 57257759

  • The following 4 commands should increase the range of the columns and sequence to 9,999M.

   alter table RatedCDR modify O_RatePlanDataId number(10);
   alter table RatedCDR modify T_RatePlanDataId number(10);
   alter table RatePlanData modify RatePlanDataId number(10);
   alter sequence RatePlanDataIdSeq maxvalue 9999999999;