Duplicate CDR Files Rejected


If duplicate CDR files are copied to CDRConverter or to OSPrey, the duplicate CDR file is rejected and moved from the /INPUT to the /REJECTED directory. If a CDR file in the /REJECTED directory has the same file name and size as a CDR file in the /ARCHIVED directory, then it is a duplicate CDR file and can be ignored. The “file will be rejected” error message is logged when a duplicate file is rejected.

Log message:

2014-11-19 11:42:49|Reports-From-OSPrey-Files|ERROR  |Unexpected exception, file will be rejected - File <../../ARCHIVE/> already exists.
java.io.IOException: File <../../ARCHIVE/> already exists.


There are several reasons why duplicate CDR files might occur.

  • The most common reason is because the CDR files was copied twice to the /INPUT directory. It is common for Oracle Acme Packet SBCs to occasionally copy a CDR file twice. This is not a serious issue.

  • CDR files from two different SBCs are copied to the same /INPUT directory. Each SBC should push CDRs to a different /INPUT/n directory on CDRConverter or OSPrey server.

  • CDR files are copied manually and duplicate files are copied.

  • CDRConverter is configured with multiple rules to export CDR files to NexOSS. This is a very rare mistake.