Re-process CDRs

Figure out what day CDRs started to go bad. Delete all CDR records for days that you suspect CDRs were lost. You will need to delete records from the following database tables:

  • ICDR

  • ACDR

  • ReportableCDR


  • RatedCDR

The following SQL commands can be used for deleting records generated between two time stamps. Use the DateTimeStamp column for the ICDR table and O_DateTimeStamp for the other tables.

  • Sample query for deleting records out of the ICDR table:
   sql>delete from ICDR where DateTimeStamp >= '2011-01-24 00:00:00' AND
   DateTimeStamp <= '2011-02-09 23:59:59';
  • Sample query for deleting records out of the RatedCDR table:
   sql>delete from RatedCDR where O_DateTimeStamp >= '2011-01-24 00:00:00'
   O_DateTimeStamp <= '2011-02-09 23:59:59';

Deleting records may take a long time. An alternative might be to delete all records (using the SQL ‘truncate TableName’ command) and then reprocess all records starting from a particular date.