Problems Viewing in Browser

Users may experience unusual problems viewing NexOSS with their browser that are unrelated to the NexOSS application. Problems can vary from a frozen browser to error messages on the wen interface saying you are not authorized. Often these problems can occur after Java has been updated on your computer. Sometimes a simple restart of your browser application will remedy the problem. If not, deleting the local cache of temporary java files usually resolves the problem.

  • Delete Temporary Java Files

The following instructions describe how to clear the Java cache of temporary files on your computer. This example is based on a computer running Window 7.

  1. First, open your Windows Control Panel and select the Java icon to open the Java Control Panel.

  2. Next select Settings from the Java Control Panel.

  3. Select Delete Files to delete the cache of temporary files.

  • Enable Java Console Messages

If deleting the cache of temporary files does not resolve your browser issue, the next step will be to collect more trouble shooting information from the Java Console. The Java Console can be enabled from the Advanced tab of the Java Control Panel. In this example, the user is not authorized to perform an operation. The Java Console message provides more information and states “PROCESSING SERVER RESPONSE: 401/Unauthorized/Analyzer”.

  • Report Size Exceeds Browser Memory

The report size which can be viewed in your browser is dependent on the amount of memory allocated to Java. If you attempt to view a report, the download stalls and the following error appears, then the report is too large for your browser to display.

In some cases when the applet viewer runs out of memory it will not be able to display this error message. In those cases the report download will stall and the browser will be unresponsive. This condition can be verified by viewing the Java Console which will log an out or memory message as highlighted in the following screenshot.

The solution to this problem is to increase the amount of RAM allocated to Java. Go to the Java Control Panel and select the Java tab and click the view button.

The Runtime Parameter can be used to allocate more that the system default amount of RAM to Java. TransNexus recommends a minimum of 1 GB of RAM be allocated to Java. The RunTime Parameter should be set to -Xmx1024M.