OSPrey Server Not Ready


OpenSIPS sent SIP 480 Temporarily Unavailable - Server not ready for all calls and logged error messages.

Log message:

Aug 15 13:16:26 lcr01 /home/ospadmin/OSP/OSPreyPackage/opensips/sbin/opensips[9223]: ERROR:osp:ospRequestRouting: failed to request auth and routing (14281), call_id '1f120adb-7c25bfc8-9b7e1-7f40949c94c8-3365240a-13ce-7217'
Aug 15 13:16:26 lcr01 /home/ospadmin/OSP/OSPreyPackage/opensips/sbin/opensips[9223]: ----ROUTE: Server not ready for call to '6206651413' from source device ''.


OSPrey server was in the process of booting up. It took several minutes. After that, OpenSIPS sent normal responses.