Install New BDD

Instructions for installing a new Bulk Data Download (BDD) of the North American number portability database from NeuStar.

  1. Download BDD from NeuStar and copy the BDD file into the $NumberUpdate_HOME/unix/utils directory of OSPrey server. Unpack the file and take note of the new transaction-ID in the file name.
   $ gunzip -c bdd.tar.gz | tar -xvf -
  1. Stop the NumberUpdate application on the OSPrey server.
   $ cd $NumberUpdate_HOME/unix/run
   $ ./
  1. Update the .last-transaction-id.memo file and replace the previous transaction-id with the new transaction-id which is provided in the BDD file name. Example:
   $ cd $NumberUpdate_HOME/etc
   $ vi .last-transaction-id.memo
  1. Navigate to the utils folder where you deposited the new BDD and generate new ported_regions.cfg & ported_numbers.cfg files.
   $ cd $NumberUpdate_HOME/unix/utils
   $ ./
   $ ./
  1. Copy new ported_numbers.cfg and ported_regions.cfg to $OSPrey_HOME/etc directory of each OSPrey server.

  2. Delete all partial-update files (i.e. ported_numbers.part.00042) in the OSPrey_HOME/etc folder of each OSPrey.

  3. Manually test process to get number portability updates from NeuStar

   $ cd $NumberUpdate_HOME/unix/bin
   $ ./

If the test is successful a new update file will be found in the $NumberUpdate_HOME/WORK directory.

  1. Stop and restart each OSPrey one at a time. Don’t restart the next OSPrey until you can get to the web user interface of the previous OSPrey.
   $ cd $OSPrey_HOME
   $ ./
   $ ./
  1. When the web user interface becomes visible after restarting each OSPrey, restart the NumberUpdate application.
   $ cd $NumberUpdate/unix/run
   $ ./