Scientific Notation Issues for Customer CDRs


The Billing Amount field in the customer CDRs are being truncated and turned into scientific notation “0E-7F”


The following change will explicitly request decimal number formatting instead of using the default number to string formatting.

[ossadmin@dialer-oss etc]$ cd $NexOSS_HOME/etc/NexOSS.etc

Change this:


to this:


Note: The “archive cdrs” searches the RatedCDR table for the records where the O_Archived value is NULL. After processing the records, it sets the value to the current date/time. In order to reprocess the records, the O_Archived values need to be reset back to NULL.

Basically, if there are existing CDR files that need to be regenerated in the new format, do the following.

sql>update RATEDCDR set O_Archived = NULL;