Number Translation Replication Fails


A manual replication of the NexOSS Number Translation file to OSPrey fails.

Log message:

2015-02-24 09:44:43.762|  5568|Creating a backup of post-routing called number translation to 'BACKUP/post_routing_called_number_translation_cfg_2015-02-24-14-44-43.bu'
2015-02-24 09:44:43.762|  5568|A backup copy has been created
2015-02-24 09:44:43.762|  5568|Total lines processed 2
2015-02-24 09:44:43.762|  5568|Rule on line 2 does not have a customer counterpart for rule 'default'


User will see the error below on the NexOSS web interface. This message instructs the user to review the log messages on the OSPrey server to find the reason why the OSPrey server rejected the Number Translation file.

Number Translation Replication Fails

The screenshot below shows the log messages on the web interface of OSPrey.

Number Translation Replication Fails

In this example, a number translation rule has been configured for the ‘default’ customer account, but there is no ‘default’ customer account configured (There is no customer counterpart for rule ‘default’). This problem occurs when the configuration file with accounts (nexus.cfg) is out of synchronization with the number translation configuration file.


The solution is to replicate the route provisioning configuration from NexOSS to OSPrey first and then replicate the number translation configuration files.