Group Could Not Be Found Under Name


The “Group could not be found” error message in NexOSS log files.

Log message:

2013-09-30 16:23:09|RouteProv-http7080-Processor11 |INFO |Processing request from: user: ospadmin
2013-09-30 16:23:09|RouteProv-http7080-Processor11 |INFO |To: Enable customer "Aliteli" to originate calls
2013-09-30 16:23:09|RouteProv-http7080-Processor11 |ERROR |Group could not be found under name: Aliteli
2013-09-30 16:23:09|RouteProv-http7080-Processor2 |INFO |Disabling client cache, using cache-control header


This message is related to the CreditControl application.

The account must either be restored to the NexOSS user interface, or the account will have to be deleted from the running total of the CreditStatus table. If account deletion is required, expect the ERROR to linger for up to 24 hours. Requests will remain in the ConfigUpdate queue based on the value set in the “ConfigUpdateRequestMaxAgeInHours” variable defined in the $NexOSS_HOME/etc/NexOSS.etc configuration file.

## 12.5 ConfigUpdate Expiration
## ============================
## If a ConfigUpdate event can not be fulfilled within the specified
## number of hours it will be expired. The updatable record in the
## ConfigUpdateQueue table will be set to 'E'.