Update BDD

  1. Stop NumberUpdate.
   cd $NumberUpdate_HOME/unix/run
  1. Deposit and unpack new BDD file into the utils directory and take note of the last-transaction-id in the file name.
   cd $NumberUpdate_HOME/unix/utils
   gunzip -c bddfile.tar.gz | tar -xvf -
  1. Execute the two scripts that will generate new ported_numbers.cfg & ported_regions.cfg.
  1. Edit the .last-transaction-id.memo file to have the new string.
   cd $NumberUpdate_HOME/etc
   vi .last-transaction-id.memo
  1. Stop OSPrey server.
   cd $OSPrey_HOME
  1. Copy new ported*.cfg files to the etc directory.
   cd $OSPrey_HOME/etc
   cp $NumberUpdate_HOME/unix/utils/ported*.cfg .
  1. Restart OSPrey.
   cd OSPrey_HOME
  1. When OSPrey is back up (you can see the GUI), restart NumberUpdate.
   cd $NumberUpdate_HOME/unix/run