OSPrey HTTP API for LRN Lookup

Users can use their web browser to directly query an OSPrey server for LRN data using the following url.,VoiceURI,SVType,SPID&phone=xxxxxxxxxx

The phone number should be a 11 digit number including the 1 prefix as shown in the following example.,VoiceURI,SVType,SPID&phone=14045266052

In standard HTTP it is not possible to pass credentials in the URL, but browsers and some clients support the user name and password added before the IP address in the url as shown in the following example.

Users may also use wget to automate the LRN lookup as shown in the following example:
wget –user=ospadmin –password=ospadmin -O ~/server-response.txt “,SPID&phone=14045266052";cat ~/server-response.txt