Insufficient Privileges to Start Oracle


There is a problem with starting the Oracle database.

Log message:

ORA-01031: "insufficient privileges"


Navigate to the $ORACLE_HOME directory ($ cd $ORACLE_HOME). The $ORACLE_HOME/startup.log file displays the following message: The ORA-01031: “insufficient privileges”


Make certain that dbstart script has execute permission (e.g. (770) in UNIX/Linux).

  • Navigate to the bin directory and check the permissions.
   $ cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin
   $ ls -l dbstart
   -rwxr-x+++ 1 oracle oinstall 13823 Jan 15 16:38 dbstart
   $ cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin
   $ chmod 770 dbstart
  • You can also use “chmod +x file” to give execute permission, which gives execute permissions to the owner and the user, but not the group. Ensure that the oracle user is a member of the dba group (e.g. /etc/group). Catolog the group file. The group names are listed first, followed by the members of the groups.
   $ cat /etc/group

This is how you use the “usermod” utility to add an existing user to an existing group.

   # usermod -a -G dba ossadmin