Email Alerts Are Not Working


Email alerts are not being received as expected.


It may be because the IP address of your e-mail server or the access credentials have changed. Or perhaps connection to the email server is being blocked by a firewall.

You can check the email configuration from the NexOSS V6.1 or later or SDReporter V7.4 or later. If you have an earlier release, check the email configuration file.

  • Trigger Alerts Configuration File.
  • Error Alerts Configuration file:
  • Example Configuration file:
   log4j.appender.EMAIL_ALERT.Subject =Alert from Traffic Analyzer - %X{Key-Email-Subject}
   log4j.appender.EMAIL_ALERT.SMTPHost =
   log4j.appender.EMAIL_ALERT.SMTPProtocol =smtp
   log4j.appender.EMAIL_ALERT.SMTPPort =25
   log4j.appender.EMAIL_ALERT.SMTPDebug =false
   log4j.appender.EMAIL_ALERT.SMTPUsername =
   log4j.appender.EMAIL_ALERT.SMTPPassword =
   log4j.appender.EMAIL_ALERT.layout =org.apache.log4j.PatternLayout
   log4j.appender.EMAIL_ALERT.BufferSize =1

Use the following command to verify email alerts are working as expected, but cannot connect to the SMTP mail server.

[ossadmin@co1-bssdr1-01 logs]$ pwd
[ossadmin@co1-bssdr1-01 logs]$
[ossadmin@co1-bssdr1-01 logs]$ grep "Could not connect to SMTP host" catalina.out
javax.mail.MessagingException: Could not connect to SMTP host:, port: 25;