Incorrect LRN Returned


The LRN returned by the NexENUM application is incorrect. The nexus.log messages do not agree with a manual “dig” utility query.


  • The example nexus.log indicates that the LRN returned to OSPrey from the NexENUM query returns ‘16076773999’.
   $ cd $OSPrey_HOME/xitami/osp_ui/log
   $ more nexus.log
   2014-10-24 08:40:11.913|   416|Authorization Request from <Transport Device- [ / ROUTER1] Client Device- [ / ANI_17701472] Calling Numbers- [ AssertedId '' ChargeInfo '6079626830' Diversion '' From '6079626830' RemotePartyId '6079626830' requested '6079626830', normalized '6079626830', after pre-routing trans '6079626830', after post-routing trans '6079626830'] Called Numbers- [requested '6075352774', normalized '6075352774', after in prefix '6075352774', after pre-routing trans '16075352774', after ported number lookup '16076773999', after routing trans >>>'##16076773999'<<<, after post-routing trans '16075352774'] Call Id- 'MTE3NDcwNzA0OV8xMjM0MzE5MDhAMjA4LjY5LjgxLjYy'> transactionid <6073575819136679041> has been rejected
   2014-10-24 08:40:11.913|   416|(Error 9403 Route Blocked) Blocked Route
  • The dig command is executed for the CALLED number. The LRN returned is the expected digits (16074223999).
   [ospadmin@osprey2 etc]$ dig @ NAPTR
   ;; ANSWER SECTION: 300 IN NAPTR 10 10 "u" "E2U+pstn:tel" "!^.*$!tel:+16075352774\;rn=+16074223999\;spid=629E\;npdi!" .


This problem is caused by either a stale LRN in cache, or else the incorrect LRN has been sent in the INVITE. Check column 75 (Reported Routing Number) and column 78 (Queried Routing Number) of the internal CDR.

  • If column 75 is populated, then you know that the incorrect LRN has been included in the INVITE and OSPrey will use it.

  • If column 75 is empty and column 78 is populated, this indicates that there is a stale LRN cached in OSPrey, and the OSPrey route server should be restarted.

Before restarting, please review the comments in the script to determine if you want to shorten the cache length.

$ cd $OSPrey_HOME
$ more
## This parameter defines the minimum amount of time
## that a cached record will be stored before the cache is deleted (this assumes the cache size
## is less than the Maximum_RN_Cache_Size).  Acceptable values are 1 day to 180 days. The
## default value is 15 days.
export Minimum_Life_for_Cached_RN
## This parameter defines the age at when a cache is
## deleted. Acceptable values are 2 days to 365 days. The default value is 30 days. The
## Maximum_RN_Cache_Life value must be greater than the Minimum_Life_for_Cached_RN.  If the value
## is misconfigured, the value will be set to the configured Minimum_Life_for_Cached_RN times 2.
export Maximum_RN_Cache_Life

Steps to restart the OSPrey application:

$ cd $OSPrey_HOME
$ ./
$ ./