Cannot Upload Rate Plan Using Rate Provisioning Tool


Cannot upload a rate plan file using the Rate Provisioning Tool in the NexOSS user interface. A pop-up which displays “null” gets returned to the screen after clicking the “Upload Data Template” button.


This is a known issue ( The fix is to replace the 3 files highlighted below in the $NexOSS_HOME/WebServer/webapps/ROOT/lib folder with the same 3 files found in RateProvisionPatchForJava7u45.tar.gz.

After the files have been replaced, update the files to make the date/time stamp for the files current.

$ cd $NexOSS_HOME/WebServer/webapps/ROOT/lib
$ ls -l
$ touch Bridge.jar
$ touch NexOSS_rate*.jsp

After replacing the files and updating, try to upload the rate plan file again. If you get the same error, close all browsers and clear your java cache.