Emergency After-Hours Support Information

Technical support is provided from 9:00 AM EST to 7:00 PM EST Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Emergency after-hours support is available to NexOSS customers who have deployed TransNexus applications in a redundant, highly available design. Emergency after-hours support is provided if the following conditions have been met.

  1. Confirm that the following applies:

    • A significant number of active customers, subscribers or end users are affected, and

    • there is an actual or imminent critical impact (which includes fraud or security impact), and

    • there is no viable backout plan, and

    • reasonable efforts have been made to rule out a problem in the Customer Network or from recent Customer Network configuration changes.

    • If these conditions are not met, this may not be a critical situation and you may be charged a $1500 fee for improper call to technical support.

  2. If you believe this is a critical situation, you should first escalate the problem to the person within your organization who is authorized to invoke an Emergency After-Hours Call. Typically, this will be a member of your Engineering Group, who should be contacted before calling TransNexus.

  3. Please open a support ticket at https://tickets.transnexus.com with all relevant diagnostic information so it will be available to a TransNexus engineer when he receives your call. You can collect log files according to the instructions for OSPrey and for NexOSS.

  4. With authorization from your contact in step 2, call the TransNexus Emergency Support number 1-404-526-6060.

  5. In the unlikely event that the above number is not manned or does not answer, call 1-404-931-3777 or 1-404-593-7200.